Join Crosstown Arts Residents Pierre Primetens and Matteo Servente as they screen some of their short films and discuss their process as filmmakers.

Doors at 7 pm | screening & talk at 7:30 pm
Free and open to the public

Pierre Primetens

Pierre Primetens is an author and documentary filmmaker and has directed such titles as the autobiographical trilogy Un voyage au Portugal (A Trip to Portugal), Des vacances à l’Ile Maurice (A Journey in Mauritus), and Contre toi (Against You) about his estrangement from his mother’s family and their eventual reconciliation. His latest documentary, La fête des garçons (The Boys Ritual), is about a rite of passage in a remote village of northern Portugal. His movies have been presented in many French and international film festivals and broadcast on European television. He creates radio documentaries, writes television screenplays, serves on several cinema committees and leads screenplay, film study, and directing workshops. He is currently writing his first fictional feature film.

“My sense of observation and an almost scientific rigor are essential in carrying out my projects. I alternate between different working formats: I go to the site where I wish to film and observe the lifestyles of the residents there from an anthropological point of view, complemented by periods of writing where I build a fictional narrative based on what I have observed and the material I’ve collected.”

Pierre Primetens will be screening:

My mother died when I was five years old. My father never spoke to me about her. Last year, my mother’s family, who is Portuguese, tracked me down. I’m on my way to Portugal to see them, for the first time in 20 years.

co-directing with Laetitia Mikles
Franck heals horses with his hands. With his children, he is loving and playful. With horses, he is patient and delicate. But when it comes to talking to Zita, he clams up.

Matteo Servante

Italian by birth and Memphian by choice, Matteo Servente has been making independent films for more than 15 years. After studying in Italy, France, and Australia, he moved to the US in 2008 and has since directed award-winning short films and documentaries. Matteo’s current projects include a narrative feature film called Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps), a magical-realistic drama about a 10-year-old boy who drives across state lines in a stolen Trans-Am searching for a mermaid, and the documentary A Legacy Suspended, about his work with The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis. He is also involved in youth education as an elementary teacher and mentor for young filmmakers.

“Making films is not only a wonderful opportunity but also a great privilege. Doing it in Memphis makes it a big responsibility.”

Matteo Servante will be screening:

The lives of three very different people become interwoven when Pietro stops what he’s been doing, comes down off of his stilts, breaks down, and has to be put back together by Marguerite.

Two old gents whose numbers have been called up yonder are in hospice care. Their conversations ricochet around like a shootout in a fantasy factory, as they both relish the last communication left to them.