Date: August 15, 2016

Back Institute plans $1.4M construction in Crosstown Concourse

The Crosstown Back & Pain Institute plans to build a $1.4 million facility inside Crosstown Concourse, according to new building-permit documents.

Document filed Friday show the medical group  plans to spend $1,468,030 for the facility inside the $200 million redevelopment of the old Sears Crosstown building on the southwest corner of Watkins and North Parkway.

The mix of health, education and arts organizations as well as businesses will start opening in the 1.1 million-square-foot Midtown building early next year. And residents are to start moving into the first of 265 apartments in December.

The Crosstown Concourse website describes Crosstown Back & Pain Institute’s mission as providing “quality and appropriate evidence based care to patients with back and neck pain using a truly multidisciplinary approach in a single center.”

The number and variety of different treatment options available for back and neck pain are daunting, the website states.

“After trying to treat back and neck pain for years in a single specialty office, we learned that providing the full treatment needed was impossible,” the website states.

“The Crosstown Back Institute is different,” the description states. “We have developed a new way of evaluating, treating and following outcomes, without bias or agenda. We use treatment options ranging from counseling to injections to acupuncture to surgery – all under one roof.”

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