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Date: January 11, 2022

A Red Spiral Staircase Will Take You To A Cool Upstairs Bar In Tennessee

In the age of social media, it seems as if secret bars and experiences are much fewer and further between. There’s something to be said about a local hangout, the kind of place you can visit when the world is just a touch too wild and you’d rather hide out in the ample darkness of a bar than the bright lights of a restaurant. Art Bar at Crosstown Arts is one of the lesser-known bars in the area, and though it may be located in one of the largest complexes in the Memphis area it still carries an air of cool. If you’re looking for a secret bar in Tennessee, this may be your next spot to visit.

Crosstown Concourse is a cavernous Memphis, Tennessee establishment that has been completely renovated as a community gathering place. The historic former Sears Crosstown building is now an urban hangout that’s been populated with everything from restaurants to apartments.

Perhaps one of the most arresting elements of the renovation is the winding red spiral staircase that leads folks directly to the Crosstown Arts space. Crosstown Arts is an organization that is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating art in the Memphis community, and the stunning space hides one of the city’s lesser-known bars…

…Art Bar.

The full-service bar serves artsy cocktails that shift for the season, and the list of wines and craft beers is perfectly extensive without being obnoxious. You can expect your cocktails to feature fresh and local ingredients as a way to support local Memphis businesses.

The vibe is ultra-neat and low-key, so show up dressed in your most creative duds. Art Bar at Crosstown Arts is tucked away, yet frequented by the most dedicated of locals who know how to navigate the concourse to its coolest corners.

Expect $2 beers and an iconic bar top upon which you can set your artsy cocktails. If you’re going to traverse the 65,000-square-foot historic Sears Building, then you’ll want to have a place to replenish your vigor. Pro-tip: If you’re a working musician and have played an evening in Memphis on the day of your visit, you can ask for the special Musician’s Menu!

Did you know about this secret bar in Tennessee? Does it seem all that secret to you, or does the red spiral staircase give it away? If you’re looking for more information you can find it both here and here.

1350 CONCOURSE AVE • MEMPHIS, TN • 38104 • 901.203.8300