Date: June 19, 2015

The Conveyor

Ours does, and it’s been around for 70 years.

Launched on June 19th, 1945, The Conveyor was written by and for the employees of Sears Crosstown. And like the mail-order catalog that made Sears famous, The Conveyor had a little bit of everything.

From news stories and work tips to wedding announcements and condolences, intramural bowling leagues and war loan drives to fishing stories and original poetry. Nothing was too personal or eclectic for The Conveyor. Take this short news item from the inaugural issue:

““Did you hear about the recent fishing trip of Alex Morrison, Curtis Gilbert, Fred Bolton, and Glenn (Mud Pack) Litton? On account of the unusual heavy Tennessee dew, the water was too high for angling. They did “hang their clothes on a handy limb,” however, and went IN the water. And in that temperature! Rugged, no?””


Page 10 of the First Issue of The Conveyor, June 19th, 1945

Page 10 of the First Issue of The Conveyor, June 19th, 1945

What set The Conveyor apart was its practical, down-to-earth attitude. Named for the conveyor belts that circulated packages throughout the building, it was designed as a functional tool for the Crosstown community, circulating everything from official corporate announcements to water cooler gossip.

The Conveyor was published from 1945 until 1987. Then, along with the building that birthed it, it went into a period of slumber. Now we’re bringing it back for Crosstown Concourse.

Today, exactly 70 years after the first issue was published, we’re re-releasing The Conveyor. In its modern form, it will carry news and information for the Crosstown community—our tenants, neighbors, and community partners—as well as throwback stories from old issues.

Clippings from the First Issue of The Conveyor, June 19th, 1945

Clippings from the First Issue of The Conveyor, June 19th, 1945

Though we might skip the fishing stories this time around, the one thing we’re keeping is The Conveyor’sfounding spirit—a spirit of enterprise, innovation, communication, and collaboration. We’re aiming high. In the words of Sears General Manager W. L. Acroyd (1945):

“Now that we have our own publication, let’s all support it with our usual Memphis Mail Order spirit. Again, ‘Let Memphis Lead the Way.’”




Read the first issue of The Conveyor in its entirety, plus more highlights from years past:

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