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Date: October 3, 2022

Robot with the ‘chops’ for unloading ready to work – The Daily Memphian

By: , Special to the Daily Memphian

On the fourth floor of Crosstown Concourse, a robot with two metal arms resembling large chopsticks picks up boxes quickly and precisely from a makeshift shipping container and places them on a conveyor belt.

Appropriately named “Chopsticks,” the robot is the brainchild of Dextrous Robotics, which is ready to take its product, DX-1, to market in 2023.

“Our robot has the ability to understand and perceive its environment, understand what it’s seeing in terms of boxes, estimate the size of each box, identify it, estimate its location in space, its orientation and come up with a plan and pick it up,” said Evan Drumwright, CEO and co-founder of Dextrous Robotics.

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