Date: February 12, 2019

From the Desk of Crosstown High

Hi, I’m Thomas Edwards, and I am a student at Crosstown High.

I am an aspiring writer and filmmaker, and like my peers, I get my education inside Crosstown Concourse. Most of us spend a large portion of time after school in the building and can comfortably call this place home. Before we came here, many businesses had mixed reactions about our presence and wanted to know what we’re doing in the Concourse. This article was written to avoid any misconceptions and give insight into what the students of Crosstown High are doing.

One of the guiding reasons for making the school in the first place is the opportunity to collaborate with local businesses and organizations. So, what progress have we made? Since November, we’ve collaborated with the YMCA Church Health organization, which provides exercise opportunities for students; Crosstown Arts, which has given students tours and offered project work; and now the Conveyor.

We plan to work with more groups in the future and happily welcome support whenever possible.

We plan to work with more groups in the future and happily welcome support whenever possible. My peers have had great fun interacting with these groups and most are intrigued by their objectives and motivations. Seeing as we are steadily going into the working age, it’s great to work with real professionals and get an idea of what work is like in each field. Who knows; we may become employees in a few years!

I was excited to see what could happen in the Concourse, and what I could do after school. One of the major pulls that brought me here was how similar the building was to malls I had gone to when I was little. I enjoy the atmosphere of the building and feel like I’ll only love it more as I age. Aside from simply perusing the Concourse, I look forward to cooperating with all its’ tenants, whether in school or out.

But Crosstown High is also dedicated to giving back to those who help, and we’re already planning ways to say thanks to the Concourse. Every semester, our school will hold a public exhibition where anyone can come in and view our work. We’ll additionally hold smaller exhibitions where students can present their talents for anyone to see — whether it be a poetry slam, a new routine from the dance class, or something entirely different.

Overall, students are excited to be in the Crosstown Concourse. We’re grateful for the opportunity and will try our hardest to integrate ourselves into the Concourse in a timely, non-intrusive manner. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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