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Sound Meditation: Mike Tamburo and Sean Murphy

February 11 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Crosstown Arts presents Sound Meditation: Mike Tamburo and Sean Murphy in The Green Room.

The Green Room at Crosstown Arts
Sunday, February 11, 2024
Doors open at 4:30 pm | Show begins at 5 pm
Tickets: $25 in advance | $30 at the door


Enter a timeless space of listening as Crown of Eternity’s Mike Tamburo and Memphis’ own Sean Murphy weave sonic soundscapes as they navigate through a musical conversation. Together they’ll explore their way through a wide array of 50+ overtone rich instruments including Gongs, Bells, Bowls, Sound Sculptures, Hammered Dulcimer, Didjeridus, Tuba, Flutes, Kalimbas, and more.

Allow yourself to be still and listen as these two musician explorers take you through a journey through the senses and a perceptual rollercoaster.

Mike Tamburo
Mike Tamburo is a world-renowned musician, composer, artist and educator. He is known and loved for his transformational live concerts performed on his personally curated set of gongs, bells and other metal instruments.

A lifelong multi-instrumentalist, Tamburo has focused his talents on metal percussion instruments, string instruments (hammered dulcimer, guitar, zither, shahi baaja), as well as electronic instruments (synths, looping).

Since 1994, Tamburo has shared more than 2,000 concerts and workshops. He has recorded over 70 albums, both solo and in collaboration with Crown of Eternity, Meisha, Arco Flute Foundation, Psychic Frost, Brother Ong and more, ranging from epic gong music to ecstatic and transcendental string music, as well as folk, drone, space rock, ambient, mantra music and sometimes unclassifiable sounds. This man loves music in all its forms!

He teaches gong music, both in person and online with School of Gong. He is also a part of the far-reaching ethnomusicology trio, Dig Deeper, with Mitch Nur and Thomas Orr Anderson. Their online classes have explored countless musical concepts with a focus on the cultural and personal uses of soundfor healing, meditation, trance, ecstatic states, relaxation, self transformation, perception, psycho-acoustics, scientific discovery, time and community.

An early adoptee of meditation, Tamburo’s music offers space for journeying, self-exploration and deep introspection. During many of his early performances, he experienced altered states of consciousness and out of body experiences. To understand these experiences, he explored kundalini yoga, energy work, the therapeutic use of sound and how sound impacts consciousness, human perception and self healing. His love for long sustained drones, overtones and psychoacoustics continues to inspire him to explore music in further directions.

Tamburo is also an interdisciplinary sound artist, instrument builder, video artist, sound therapist, writer and meditation teacher.


Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy is a multidisciplinary artist living in Memphis, Tennessee.  He is a musician, composer, instrument maker, sound healer, teaching artist, nature lover, listener, explorer…

Born in Scooba, Mississippi and raised in Memphis, he attended the University of Memphis earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music History with an emphasis on Ethnomusicology.  He was trained to play western classical and jazz tuba; but his fascination with world cultures and music has led him to play and make innumerable instruments.

Early in his career, he began performing as a solo improvisation musician accompanying dance and yoga which eventually led him to the practice of sound healing.  Sean and his wife, Anne J. Froning, have led workshops in restorative yoga & mediative movement with music throughout the United States.

As a performing and recording musician, Sean has delved into nearly every genre into which music has ever been categorized!  From classical to hip hop, world to ambient, jazz to hard rock, new age to jazz, he is equally at home.  He is the leader of the Mighty Souls Brass Band as well as regularly playing as a sideman with many jazz groups while also regularly performing improvised music for dance, healing, and yoga.  He also has many recording credits to his name as a soloist, bandleader, and sideman.  He has also been fortunate enough to perform with many world-renowned musicians and bands including Dr. John, Paul Winter, William Eaton, the Meters, Galactic, Clyde Stubblefield, Rufus Thomas, and Robert Randolph & the Family Bandto name a few.

He and Anne co-own Being:Art LLC, a fusion arts company specializing in music, dance, visual art, instrument making, and site-specific design.  The company builds musical instruments for outdoor classrooms; and conducts workshops, residencies, and performances throughout the United States.  Their largest public installation can be found in the courtyard of Overton Square in Memphis.  OS Tower Chimes is one of the ten largest sets of wind chimes in the world.

Sean currently splits his time between performing and recording as a solo artist, presenting healing arts experiences with yoga/dance and live music (often in collaboration with Anne), leading the Mighty Souls Brass Band, building functional art in the form of musical instruments, and spending as much time with his granddaughters as possible!


February 11
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


The Green Room

1350 CONCOURSE AVE • MEMPHIS, TN • 38104 • 901.203.8300