Date: May 16, 2023

Crosstown Concourse’s newest deli is a bit mad but ‘in a good way’

When Crosstown Concourse’s newest deli/local grocer opens in July, the plan is to give people what they want.

“We’re going to have a lot of people’s favorite items that they find at the grocery store, along the lines of a New York bodega,” said Max Hussey, co-owner of The Mad Grocer with his wife, Josie Terhune.

Both Hussey and Terhune have experience in the restaurant business.

Hussey, a former student of celebrity chef Emeril Lagassé, owned a supper club in Shelby, Montana, for years. Terhune learned about the industry by working as a bartender.

“My mother-in-law Becky — she’s going to be working with us as well — ran a bar and grill in Whitefish, Montana, for 30-plus years,” Hussey said. “We’ve got family in the restaurant industry all around.”

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