Date: March 3, 2015

Breaking Ground

We learned that when it comes to supporting bold, new ideas for our city, nothing can keep a die-hard Memphian at home. Not driving rain. Not temperatures in the mid-30s. Not even 25-mile-per-hour winds.

That was the forecast for our groundbreaking celebration—and Mother Nature delivered. When we heard about the weather, we figured maybe three hundred people would show up. Four hundred, we thought, would be a dream.

So imagine our surprise when more than 1200 of Crosstown’s biggest fans squeezed under a gigantic circus tent to celebrate with us. The excitement was palpable—and it was only possible because of you, our friends and supporters.

Photo by: Andrew Brieg

Photo by: Andrew Brieg

On Saturday, with the storm raging outside the tent, project co-leader Todd Richadson told us a story to illustrate the often uncertain journey to get to this point. It was about a couple of farmers, a father and his young son, who were trying to find their way to a barn in the darkness.

The son pointed his flashlight in the direction of the barn and said, “but I can’t see it.” His father smiled and responded, “That’s OK. Shine your light and walk to the end of what you can see. Then shine it again and walk to the end of what you can see. Shine it again and walk to the end of what you can see. Eventually, you’ll reach the barn.”

To everyone who came out on Saturday: Thank You. Thank you for believing in us to accomplish the improbable, and expressing your excitement in spite of the downpour. For our part, we’ll do everything we can to reward your trust. We’ll keep shining our light and walking to the end of what we can see.

And then one day, we’ll get to the barn.

Photo by: Breezy Torres

Photo by: Breezy Torres

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