The Crosstown Arts Weekly Film Series is an arthouse-style film series showcasing a diverse collection of independent, international, historically significant, artistic, experimental, cult, underground and documentary features.

Films begin at 7:30 pm sharp.
Tickets are $5 (at the door only)


Ralph Bakshi produced and directed this sweeping animated story of four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family all trying to make it in the music business. American Pop incorporates most of what made Bakshi famous, including rotoscoping, primitive computer graphics, live-action film, archival film, and still paintings.

The soundtrack is almost one million licensing dollars worth of classic rock that, much of the time, is incongruent with Bakshi’s imagery – most especially in the penultimate scene when a drug-dealing, songwriting member of the family plays “Night Moves” to get the attention of the musicians and producers he was providing drugs to. With Lee Ving of FEAR as “Punk Rocker #1” – CAN’T MISS!!!

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