Date: February 2, 2023

Job Opening at Curb Market: Full-Time Manager


Curb Market’s mission is to be a neighborhood grocery for both Crosstown Concourse and the surrounding area, where residents, employees, students and visitors can shop and find community. Curb Market focuses primarily on dry and frozen goods, wine and craft beers, a small offering of meats and prepared foods, and a selection of seasonal produce. The Curb Market’s staffing includes a full-time Manager to oversee two additional FTE positions that fulfill responsibilities such as cashier, customer service, stocking and office/admin duties. The Manager for the Curb Market will play an integral role in overseeing all operations of the market and inspiring personnel to maintain high quality standards for food and customer experience.


The Curb Market is centrally located on the ground floor within Crosstown Concourse, a one million square foot adaptive reuse of the historic Sears building, constructed in 1927 and once a major distribution center and retail store for Sears, Roebuck & Co. The larger Crosstown Concourse complex is a vertical urban village anchored in arts, education and healthcare, including a charter high school for arts and sciences, graduate program in education, contemporary arts center and performance venues, health and wellness institutions, grocery and marketplace, commercial/office, and a diverse range of residential living spaces. Over 500 people live at Concourse and over 3,000 people come and go from the building daily. Concourse is surrounded by four, growing historic district neighborhoods: Evergreen, Vollintine/Evergreen, Speedway Terrace, and Crosstown.



• Hire, train and develop a successful team in all aspects of market operations, including but not limited to stocking and merchandising, sales and cash register operation, record-keeping, and cleaning.

• Maintain lean labor costs by cross-training employees for multiple tasks.

• Ensure that all federal, state and store regulations and standards for product freshness, safety, refrigeration, labeling, and sanitation are met.

• Establish an attractive product mix of specialty food and craft items, as well as identify reasonable sourcing paths.

• Oversee visual merchandising to create unique and attractive product displays and retail environment in all areas of the market.

• Develop marketing strategies to attract and grow customer base, both inside and outside Concourse; develop creative ways to educate customers about products, and identify areas of opportunity for growth in the future.

• Manage market POS system (Catapult system by ECR Software) to produce sales reporting; analyze data to drive changes and improvements to respond to market demand.

• Utilize the Concourse loading dock and other common areas for special events and farmer’s market; work strategically with neighboring retail partners on event and programming collaborations to both enrich community interaction and increase sales.

Inventory Management

• Check supply and product levels, reorder products when necessary, and receive/store items when delivered to ensure fully stocked shelves are maintained at all times. Produce may come from multiple local sources (especially in the peak growing season, Apr – Sept), instead of one produce vendor in the off season.

Customer Sales and Services

• Maintain a high quality of customer service and customers’ in-store experiences

• Train staff to be hospitable to customers, approaching them when they enter the market to greet them, ask questions, help them find what they are looking for, and/or make product or service recommendations.

• Resolve customer complaints in a gracious, timely and professional manner. • Implement seasonal merchandising, cross-promotion, and upselling initiatives.


• + 5 years of successful experience in sales and grocery management

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Tech savvy and familiarity with inventory and POS management software, social media, and website

• Strong supervisory and management skills relative to successful operation and execution of all areas of production and sales, including grocery with limited specialty foods and crafts, dairy, produce, beer and wine.

• Understanding basic accounting as relates to inventory and COGS

• Proficiency with automated reporting systems including, but not limited to, inventory, scheduling, time & attendance and labor preferred

• Ability to inspire a cohesive team and champion new ideas and initiatives


This is a full-time, hourly position.

Hourly rate will be competitive and commensurate with level of experience and skill.

TO APPLY: Please send a cover letter, resume and three (3) references to:

1350 CONCOURSE AVE • MEMPHIS, TN • 38104 • 901.203.8300