Date: February 13, 2023

From Backs and Cracks to Bones and Bruises (and More!)

OrthoSouth offers comprehensive orthopedic care in the former Crosstown Back space.

Since the early days of Crosstown Concourse, those needing care for back injuries could find help at the Crosstown Back & Pain clinic. But thanks to a rebranding, that clinic — now called OrthoSouth — has expanded its offerings to include comprehensive orthopedic care for the entire body.

In December, OrthoSouth, which owned Crosstown Back, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the rebranded clinic. Those seeking back care can still access the same pain management services, such as nerve blocks, as before, but providers on-site can also treat other injuries and conditions, ranging from sports injuries to arthritis.

“We chose to rebrand that location and put an orthopedic provider there, because, when we looked at our footprint across the Memphis area, that’s one location where we hadn’t yet staked our claim in terms of orthopedics. And we thought that was an area that was underserved,” said Melissa Kandel, director of marketing for OrthoSouth.

Before the rebrand, OrthoSouth’s closest location for those who live in Midtown or Downtown was in East Memphis, across from Laurelwood Shopping Center.

“And it’s not just having a medical provider closer to where you live. This provides good coverage for a lot of people who work Downtown or in Midtown,” Kandel said.

New to the clinic is physician Leland Berkwits and orthopedic physician assistant Reagan Payne. 

The change also brings new physical therapy services to the Crosstown location, and there are two therapists working on-site. All eight of OrthoSouth’s clinic locations throughout Shelby and DeSoto counties offer physical therapy.

Crosstown Back’s longtime chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer James, still offers services at the new clinic, making it the only OrthoSouth location with an on-site chiropractor.

“Our pain management group at the Crosstown location is really special. We don’t have that same blend of holistic treatment at any of our other clinics,” Kandel said. “Our providers there are working off each other and doing a collaborative whole person approach.”

Kandel points out that OrthoSouth’s patients arrive at the clinic with a wide array of pain conditions, and each of the clinic’s various practices — from the chiropractor to the physical therapists — play a unique role in helping patients overcome or manage their pain. 

“The pain management group works together with the chiropractor, the physiatrist, and the physical therapist. They treat the patient as a whole person and not just a singular injury,” she said.

Kandel said OrthoSouth has been pleased with the warm reception from neighboring Crosstown Concourse tenants and others working in the building. 

“In the medical world, nothing is as easy as opening a door and hanging a shingle,” said Kandel. “We’re just continuing to raise awareness and letting everyone know that the location is available for new patients and existing patients.”

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